Behavioral health just got smarter.



With weeks of battery life in a package smaller and lighter than an Apple Watch, users can forget our wearables are even there. Need to record without a phone? No problem. We let you store thousands of hours of data and upload it later. 


We've built the most accurate wrist-wearable biosensor ever to give you physiological context, feedback and early warning more accurately than anyone else can. Our platform provides a wide variety of stress and health metrics from almost anywhere on the body. 


Need a medical device for your application? Our data management is HIPAA compliant and our devices built to ISO 13485 and 21 CFR 8xx standards. 

Translation? You can relax knowing your information is safe & reliable. 



Brainmate was born of a seemingly simple question: what is stress? Mental and behavioral health practices still treat stress only as a set of behaviors, Although we've known for decades that stress has physical expression in the body, but these were largely invisible - until now.

Realizing they were both right, they saw that mental and behavioral health practice is decades behind current technology and resolved to find a way to bring it up to speed. BrainMate was born.


If your house needed a repair, you probably wouldn't hire someone to do it blindfolded. Yet much of mental & behavioral health care is done this way - repair rather than maintenance, and without objective measures. 

BrainMate is on a mission to change that. We're working to enable a whole new breed of technologies that work with information about your mental and emotional state to help you stay happy, healthy, and productive. And we keep you in control of that information.


Our tech is built on our experience in behavioral health, medical devices, production hardware and software, and disability care, and we have over a decade of each. The result is a sensing product and data analysis system that is years beyond state-of-the-art. 

Most importantly, our deep knowledge of every aspect of this product means that we can customize it to fit a wide range of operational needs. Contact us for a full list of what we can do.


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